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Proarx is the cloud-based solution for managing cyber security efficiently and in a centralised way: your whole IT ecosystem will benefit from it.

Proarx identifies the weaknesses in your business network and it warns you about possible corrective methods that need to be implemented to stop cyber criminals to access your private data.


With Proarx you have:

Vulnerability Assessment – your intranet and external network are constantly monitored. It suggests what and how to correct issues.
Asset Discovery and Management – automatic scans to identify hardware and software inside your network.
Intrusion Prevention System – it prevents and blocks possible intrusions in your system.
Ticket System – 24/7 assistance to solve critical issues in your security.  

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover the weak spots in your network and take corrective actions before attackers use them to access your personal data.

Even if you are keeping your security controls up to date,  system and application changes can introduce new vulnerabilities and put your data at risk.
With scheduled assessments you can identify new security threats before attackers do.

Once the vulnerabilities have beed identified you can use the Proarx’s built-in tools to manage and fix them and to generate the related documentation.

Asset Discovery and Management

With the automated asset discovery you can keep track of all devices connected to the network and manage them in an inventory.
It can discover computers, peripherals, network services and installed software in realtime or by scanning the entire network.

Understanding what is present on your network and producing the related documentation is a crucial part of the accountability process.
You can not protect what is hidden from your eyes.

Intrusion Prevention System

Protect your network by identifying and blocking dangerous and suspicious network activity.

By monitoring network traffic Proarx can identify and block attacks coming from the Internet and report them as an alert.

Proarx comes with an always up to date list of malicious Internet endpoints to block dangerous connection attempts from local devices.

Ticket system

The philosophy behind Proarx is that no one should be left alone when security threats arise.

When an alert is fired or when new vulnerabilities get detected, you can ask our security experts for help with a single click.

Proarx is an essential tool but, like any other tool, is not a magic box. The cyber security is a process (not a product) that strictly depends on the human brain.


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